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CouncilNewsletter TCCThe Council Newsletter is the official newsletter of Tanana Chiefs Conference. It is distributed to over 5,000 individuals including TCC Tribes and Beneficiaries. This publication provides a way for TCC to inform beneficiaries on updates and services.

Lt. Governor Byron Mallott visits TCC Region Communities

August 01, 2017

Alaska Lt. Governor Byron Mallott along with Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten visited several of our communities in July.

Mallott and his staff were accompanied by Chief/Chairman Victor Joseph, members of the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, and several of TCC’s Executive Board Members.

On their trip they were able to hear from tribal members from: Kaltag, Nulato, Koyukuk, Ruby, Galena, Huslia, Hughes, and Allakaket. Chief Victor Joseph said, “These trips are important, to get out there to our communities and make sure their voices are heard.” The goal of the three-day trip was to visit and listen to community members to get a better understanding of how to improve management of the King salmon run.Read more

Tanana Chiefs Conference launches Culture & Wellness Camps

August 01, 2017

This summer marked the launch of the first Culture and Wellness Camps funded by Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC). The Culture and Wellness camps are part of an initiative set forth through TCC’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan to promote health and wellness through cultural activities. It was also featured in the Reclaiming Our People Initiative, which launched this summer.

The Culture & Wellness Camps are village driven and coordinated with support from TCC Staff. TCC recently hired a Culture & Wellness Camp Manager, Tonya Garnett who hit the ground running and has already seen a successful startup of camps this summer.Read more

Tanana Chiefs Conference Completes 477 Grant Review

August 01, 2017

Ever been to 5th floor Chief Peter John Tribal Building in Fairbanks? This is the home of the Client Development Division, headed by Don Shircel, which provides family and “client development” services for Tribal members from babies to Elders, and all ages in between! It is part of the Tribal Government & Client Services Department, of which Will Mayo is the Executive Director.

When someone visits the 5th floor, after being greeted by our delightful receptionist Brooke, there’s a good chance that the services being requested will be assisted from out of TCC’s PL102-477 grant.Read more

Indian Health Services Staff Visit Interior

June 30, 2017

In June, the Acting Indian Health Services (IHS) Director Rear Admiral Chris Buchanan (Seminole) visited two of our Interior Communities with Tanana Chiefs Conference’s Chief/Chairman Victor Joseph and staff. Both Allakaket and Rampart were two of the stops on his trip.

The purpose of the visit was to show, first hand, the struggles that our communities without running water and sewer face on a day-to-day basis. Water and sewer are essential to our communities’ well-being and Admiral Buchanan was able to hear the concerns from our Chiefs and Tribal Members as well as the hardships they face each day without these basic necessities.Read more

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