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CouncilNewsletter TCCThe Council Newsletter is the official newsletter of Tanana Chiefs Conference. It is distributed to over 5,000 individuals including TCC Tribes and Beneficiaries. This publication provides a way for TCC to inform beneficiaries on updates and services.

TCC Annual Education Summit

July 13, 2018


Each year Tanana Chiefs Conference hosts an Education Summit where tribal leaders, school district superintendents, Native Language curriculum developers, educators, parents, students, state legislators and department representatives gather together for one of the largest forums on Education in Interior Alaska. The events provides the opportunity for attendees to find the latest in curriculum development, innovative practice and national, state and local policies and initiatives relating to Native education issues.Read more

First Government-to-Government Consultation in Arctic Village

June 28, 2018

In May, the First Government-to-Government Consultation between the Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government, Venetie Village Council, Arctic Village Council and the Department of Interior (DOI) was held in Arctic Village.

The meeting focused on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the impacts that opening it up to oil and gas production will have. Since the passage of last year’s Tax act, the DOI is leading the federal effort to complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). As a part of the EIS process, the DOI will host additional Government-to-Government Consultations and public scoping hearings.
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Commissioner Williams Tours Sobering Center

June 25, 2018

On May 8th, Department of Corrections Commissioner Dean Williams joined Fairbanks Correctional Center (FCC) Superintendent Tammy Axelsson on a tour of the new Sobering Center in Fairbanks. The Sobering Center provides a safe, secure environment for intoxicated individuals to rest and get connected with resources if they choose to seek help.

Previously, many intoxicated individuals were taken to FCC to stay in a cell overnight, putting stress on staff who were not trained and not equipped with the resources to properly assist. Read more

TCC Advocates for Water and Sewer Needs

June 25, 2018

During the 2018 Tribal Self-Governance Annual Conference in New Mexico in April, TCC Chief/Chairman Victor Joseph had an opportunity to talk with Indian Health Services (IHS) Director Rear Admiral Michael D. Weahkee about the lack of water and sewer in our rural communities.
Overall, there are more than 3,300 homes throughout Alaska that do not have running water and sewer. The IHS Sanitation Facilities Construction Program, an integral component of the IHS disease prevention activity, has carried out authorities since 1960 using funds appropriated for Sanitation Facilities Construction to provide potable water and waste disposal facilities for American Indian/Alaska Native people.

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