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The Council Newsletter is the official newsletter of Tanana Chiefs Conference. It is distributed to over 5,000 individuals including TCC Tribes and Beneficiaries. This publication provides a way for TCC to inform beneficiaries on updates and services.
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  • Robert Keeling – CHA Spotlight
    During his 27 years as a paramedic/fireman in his home state of Colorado, Dale Keeling thought he knew a lot about providing care to the ill and injured. Then he fell in love with an Alaska girl, followed her back to her hometown of Manley, and learned about the health aide career. “Her dad was …

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  • Volunteers Protecting Our Healthcare Workers
    Once the threat of COVID-19 reached the United States, a nationwide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shortage begin. In an effort to ensure that providers at the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center were able to safely treat patients, TCC began producing PPE – particularly face masks – in house. The effort was mainly comprised of TCC …

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  • COVID-19 Pandemic: What History Tells Us
    In 1918, the world was devastated by the influenza pandemic, which went on to kill about 50 million – 675,000 of those deaths in the United States. One-third of the world’s population (about half a billion people) had been infected. As we face the current COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most vital tools in our …

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  • Willow House Re-Opens to First Guests
    “It’s good to be home,” says Heather Matumeak, Willow House Front Desk Receptionist, who has been working at Bertha Moses Patient Hostel during renovations.After six months of planning and construction, the Willow House opened their doors to house the first five guests in the newly renovated Willow House patient hostel. All guest rooms have new …

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  • TCC Bazaar – Book a Table!
    Book a table at the TCC Bazaar during the 2020 Annual Convention!At this time, we are currently only booking for arts and craft tables. Each vendor will have one table due to a limited amount of tables.Contact Estelle Burnham at 907-452-8251 ext. 3300 to reserve your table.

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