Our Leadership

Our organization works under the leadership and guidance of our Full Board of Directors, Executive Board, Health Board, and Traditional Chiefs. They play an important role in shaping the organization and keeping us focused on the vision for our people.

The TCC Full Board of Directors consists of 42 TCC tribal members elected by their village to represent their community and three officers; the Chief/Chairman, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. The Full Board of Directors meets annually in Fairbanks to discuss issues important to the region, hold elections, and adopt resolutions presented by the members tribes which will guide the organization through the coming year.

Tanana Chiefs Conference is guided by a nine-member executive board that ensures we stay true to our vision and continue to work for the benefit of our people. Our Executive Board is responsible for initiating and developing policies that further the goals of the organization.

The Health Board’s responsibilities include reviewing all health-related issues, as well as policies, prior to formal review and approval by the TCC Executive Board. The Health Board meets at least quarterly. You can contact your sub-regional board member and ask him or her to bring any of your concerns to the general meetings.

Our Traditional Chief, and the second Traditional Chief in his absence,  sit as ex-officios (or non-voting members) of the Executive Board. The Traditional Chief serves as an ambassador of traditional knowledge and the Athabascan culture.