Health Board of Directors

The eight members of the Health Board are elected to staggered three-year terms by our members at the annual full Board of Directors meeting each year in March.  Each board member represents one of our subregions.

The Health Board’s responsibilities include reviewing all health-related issues, as well as policies, prior to formal review and approval by our Executive Board. The Health Board meets at least quarterly. You can contact your sub-regional board member and ask him or her to bring any of your concerns to the general meetings.  We are thankful for each members contribution to the organization and to the region.

Andrew Jimmie

Tribal member from Minto; currently serves as the TCC RHB President, representing the Yukon Tanana Subregion. Mr. Jimmie is a Minto Village Council Member, also serving as TCC’s representative to the Alaska Native Health Board and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. Andy is the current Chairperson for the Alaska Native Health Board. He has served on the TCC RHB since September 1991.

Walter Stickman Sr.

Tribal Member from Nulato, representing the Yukon Koyukuk Subregion.

Curtis Sommer

Tribal Member from Tanana, representing Tanana since June 2006.

Mary Hugo

Anaktuvuk Pass

Jessica Black

Fairbanks Native Association

Betty Magnuson

Represents the Kuskokwim Subregion.

Patricia Salmon

Tribal Member from Ft. Yukon, represents Yukon Flats Subregion. Elected March 2019.

Sylvia Pitka

Represents Upper Tanana Subregion. Elected March 2019.