Resolution 2018-42: Cutting of Moose Antlers

WHEREAS, the only check station in the whole state that requires you to cut off half of your antler on one side and turn it in with your harvest ticket; and

WHEREAS, this is taking income away from us, we can get up to $9 a pound for good antlers and about half that price for one sawed in half; and

WHEREAS, we need the support of our sub-region to help Koyukuk resolve this problem; and

WHEREAS, there are also a lot of Native artists that do tremendous work with a full antler; and

WHEREAS, if you get a big moose and keep it intact you can get thousands for it.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors (needs language and resolution information sheet).

Submitted by: Koyukuk Tribal Council


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