Resolution 2018-43: Expanding Spring Moose Hunts for Local Hunters

WHEREAS, the Tanana Chiefs Conference created the Hunting and Fishing Task Force (Task Force) in 2014 to implement a strategic plan to impact laws to provide for the continuance of Native hunting and fishing activities; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force has created numerous training opportunities for individuals and tribes to change federal and state regulations; and

WHEREAS, the State of Alaska Constitution does not allow Alaska hunting regulations to prioritize Native hunters or rural hunters over non-Native or non-rural hunters. ANILCA, a federal statute allows for regulations to prioritize rural hunters on federal lands and waters; and

WHEREAS, certain villages wish to increase the opportunities for spring hunts for local residents which gives the families that didn’t harvest a moose in the fall hunt another opportunity to fill their harvest ticket.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors directs staff to continue implementation of the Task Force strategic plan to provide for training and regulation development, and comments and testimony to meet the local hunting needs of our villages which include providing more opportunities for local spring moose hunts in certain villages; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED because the federal system currently allows for resident only hunts per ANILCA, the Task Force should first pursue changes in federal hunts to expand federal subsistence spring moose hunt opportunities for those villages that indicate a need; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors request the Hunting and Fishing Task Force which includes both Tanana Chiefs Conference and Doyon, Limited, to continue to pursue changes in the Alaska Constitution to allow for local, resident, and Native only hunts and tribal moose management on State lands.

Submitted by: Koyukuk Tribal Council


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