Shageluk Culture Camp 2019

The Shageluk Culture and Wellnesss Camp took place 20 miles up the Innoko River from the village of Shageluk. Participants at the camp had the opportunity to participate in various activities including hunting, fishing, boating safety, learning about healing plants and more! Camp Coordinator: Kelly Workman Location: Shageluk, AK Dates: August 27th-28th, 2019

Anvik Culture Camp 2019

Anvik Culture Camp was held at the Julie Walker camp site on the Boasila River. Cultural activities held were, language, beading, rod and reel fishing, duck and moose hunting and storytelling. TCC Staff presented wellness topics on bullying, making good choices and alcohol and drug prevention. Camp Coordinator: Kristen Kruger Location: Julie Walker camp on the Bonasila River Dates: September 18-21, …

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Koyukuk Culture Camp 2019

Cultural activities included fishing/fish cutting, safety, fire making, Language, singing, sewing and berry picking. Several TCC staff covered various wellness topics including, making good choices, bulling, tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention, and suicide. The YKSD Language Coordinator, Susan Paskavan was present to teach language. Camp Coordinator: Lori and Darlene Lolnitz Location: 24 miles up the Koyukuk river from Koyukuk, Alaska …

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Birch Creek Wellness Camp 2019

The Tjeenjik Nihteegwiidii Culture and Wellness Camp took place August 30th-September 3rd, 2019 outside the village of Birch Creek. Activities at the camp included storytelling, traditional hunting and fishing, boating safety, athabascan drumming and singing, drug prevention and much more! Camp Coordinator: Toni Wiehl Location: Birch Creek, Alaska Dates: Aug. 30th-Sept. 3rd, 2019

Circle Wellness Camp 2019

The Shahnyaati Vanahkat Culture Camp was located 18 miles from the village of Circle. The cultural focus was native language, beading, learning about the Athabascan Traditional values, cutting fish, and skinning caribou hide with traditional tools. The wellness activities included suicide prevention and awareness, boat/life jacket and gun safety, and more. Camp Coordinator: Lynda Crow Location: 18 Miles from Circle …

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Nenana Culture Camp 2019

The Nenana Culture and Wellness Camp included a wide array of cultural activities including birch bark basket making, beading, fish cutting, traditional drumming and dancing, berry picking, and more. Tanana Chiefs Conference staff also attended to talk about making good choices, bullying, tobacco cessation, and suicide prevention. Camp Coordinator: Jeri Knabe Location: Nenana, Alaska Dates: August 19th-23rd, 2019

Allakaket Culture Camp 2018

Allakaket’s Nogheelenh Culture and Wellness Camp was held July 19th – 21st a 30 mile boat ride down the Koyukuk River held at Andy Simon Sr.’s camp. There was over 100 participants ranging from 2 years old to Elders from the villages of Allakaket, Hughes, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Attendees participated in wellness activities such as: bullying, suicide prevention, healthy families, …

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Chalkyitsik Culture Camp 2018

The Dranjiik Gwich’in Culture and Wellness Camp was held July 9th – 13th a short boat ride away from Chalkyitsik at David Salmon Kids Camp, on the Black River. There was over 60 participants ranging from 4 years old to Elders from the villages of Chalkyitsik, Venetie, Ft. Yukon, Beaver, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau, and Homer. Attendees participated in wellness activities …

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