Tetlin Culture Camp 2018

The camp was held at Last Tetlin, approximately an hour boat ride out of the village of Tetlin, at the base of the Alaska Range. The cultural focus of camp was on processing whitefish, and Teltin’s Traditional Values, Clan system, language, and the importance of singing/dancing and drumming. The kids learned about processing and drying whitefish.  The camp was granted a special permit which made it possible for them to obtain a moose; and the boys and girls were able to learn how to process all parts of the moose. 

No whitefish and moose were wasted, since there are uses for all parts of fish and animals.  The boys made drums and girls made beaded hair barrettes and glove tops, the younger girls made necklaces. Youth practiced their traditional values of respect and helping others throughout the camp.

Wellness activities included smoking, alcohol and drug prevention, bullying, wellness and prevention, focusing on making good choices, and watching grieving/healing presentations.  A Fire Arm Safety presentation was given by Alaska State Troopers Sgt. Bitts.  Tim Lorenzini from the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge, provided information on water safety and environmental education.

  • Camp Coordinator: Marianne Young
  • Location: Last Tetlin
  • Dates: June 18 – June 23, 2018
  • Participation: 114 participants ranging in age 2-81; from the villages of Tetlin, Tok, Tanacross, Northway, Dot Lake, and Mentasta.