Resolution 2017-13: Reclaiming Our People 3-Year Strategic Plan

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WHEREAS, TCC delegates declared a War on Alcohol in the 1980s to address the epidemic of alcohol abuse and social issues throughout the TCC Region; and

WHEREAS, Alcohol abuse and social issues decreased throughout the TCC Region after the War on Alcohol was implemented; and

WHEREAS, At the 2012 TCC Annual Convention, 2nd Traditional Chief Trimble Gilbert expressed that the TCC Region is once again experiencing continued devastation as a result of alcohol and drug use; and

WHEREAS, A War on Alcohol Summit was held in 2013 to bring together the tribal delegates to discuss how to address the issue; and

WHEREAS, The youth at the 2013 meeting said they wanted to focus on promoting overall wellness and helping tribal members overcome all forms of addiction; and

WHEREAS, In 2015, the War on Alcohol was renamed the Reclaiming Our People Initiative; and

WHEREAS, The TCC Executive Board and Regional Health Board worked together as a Tribal Advisory Committee to develop a 3-year comprehensive strategic plan that involves all TCC programs across divisions and throughout the TCC Region to promote the health and wellness of our people and our communities; and

WHEREAS, Evolving laws and policies that impact the behavioral health and wellness of tribal members throughout the TCC Region, such as the Every Student Succeeds Act (2015), necessitate further integration into the Reclaiming Our People Initiative and will be included in the 3- year comprehensive strategic plan on an ongoing basis; and

WHEREAS, The TCC Executive Board and Regional Health Board support the 2017 Reclaiming Our People 3-Year Strategic Plan to carry on the efforts outlined in the plan for the purpose of having healthy people across generations.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors approves and adopts the 2017 Reclaiming Our People 3-Year Strategic Plan and hereby directs staff to provide annual progress reports to the Tribal Advisory Committee and the Full Board of Directors.

Submitted by: TCC Regional Health Board and Executive Board of Directors


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