Resolution 2017-18: Land Sales by the State of Alaska

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WHEREAS, After statehood, the State of Alaska obtained large tracts of land throughout Interior Alaska that were and continue to be recognized as traditional lands by Alaskan Natives; and

WHEREAS, The State of Alaska manages a land sales program that disposes of land within the traditional land domain, which disposals cause user conflicts; and

WHEREAS, Alaskan Native residents maintain historic and contemporary uses of areas within the traditional land domain including wild food gathering practices; and

WHEREAS, Villages have not been adequately consulted about land sales that pose adverse effects to their communities; and

WHEREAS, The State of Alaska issued the Yukon Tanana Area Plan (YTAP) for lands across a large portion of the TCC Region. The State was subsequently ordered by a Superior Court judge to correct defects to the YTAP by convening meetings in affected villages; and

WHEREAS, The State of Alaska conducted village meetings pursuant to the Superior Court decision, however the subsequent agency deliberations over those meetings have not been shared with affected communities, nor has the YTAP been corrected and reissued; and

WHEREAS, Pursuant to the YTAP, the State of Alaska has issued preliminary decisions to allow remote recreational cabin land sales in the Richardson Creek and Silverbow Creek areas; and

WHEREAS, The villages of the Tanana Chiefs region are affected by those land sales.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors requests Doyon Ltd. to assist us opposing proposed, current, and future state land disposals, including Mental Health Trust lands in the TCC Region without meaningful consultation with Tribal leadership  and rural residents for the purpose of minimizing the adverse effects to rural communities as a result of the land sales program.

Submitted by: Minto Delegate


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