Village Specific Resolution: 2018-03 Requesting Emergency Assistance to Assist with An Oil Spill that Occurred in the Birch Creek Community

WHEREAS, the Birch Creek Tribal Council is a federally recognized tribal governing body for the tribal members of the Native Village of Birch Creek; and

WHEREAS, the Birch Creek Tribal Council owns and operates the Tribal Electric Utility and bulk fuel; and

WHEREAS, there was an oil spill that occurred on September 24th at the village bulk fuel site as a result of human error; and

WHEREAS, the Tribe is liable to clean the oil spill and is working with the Department of Conservation and other state agencies to coordinate cleanup; and

WHEREAS, the Tribe recognizes the urgency in which this spill will need to be cleaned up, and that will take a lot of the Tribe’s resources and limited discretionary funds.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Birch Creek Tribal Council is requesting emergency assistance, including financial assistance, from the Tanana Chiefs Conference to assist us in cleaning up this spill in an timely manner.

Submitted by: Birch Creek Tribal Council


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