Resolution 2018-32: Prevent Outside Hunters from Trespassing and Intruding on Native Traditional Hunting Grounds

WHEREAS, tribes and village residents are caretakers of our treasured traditional lands, and wish to express profound concern regarding how these lands are protected and managed; lands that contain the sacred remains of ancestors, hunting and areas, traditional trails and trading routes; and

WHEREAS, the creator placed the Native people on the land and waters to use and care for in a responsible manner; and

WHEREAS, tribal members have traditionally hunted, fished and gathered necessary foods and other natural products from the lands and waters for thousands of years; and

WHEREAS, our traditional lands provides important moose, fish, ducks, geese, grouse, ptarmigan and provides berries and other greens; and

WHEREAS, tribes oppose hunters coming in from out of town hunting in traditional local hunting areas as more people in the area will mean less moose for our community members, a community in which we already have limited food security; and

WHEREAS, tribes oppose people using drones and planes to spot moose for easy harvesting; and

WHEREAS, the large boats come into town and swamp the small local boats by driving to close to the shore; and

WHEREAS, the Interior tribes request the village corporations and Doyon, Limited to take appropriate action in protecting their lands to trespassers; and

WHEREAS, many non-local hunters have no respect for private lands such as restricted Native allotments, and ANSCA Corporation lands; and

WHEREAS, the meat that the outside hunters harvest is not always processed timely and subject to waste.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that outside hunters are not allowed to hunt in local, traditional hunting areas of the rural community residents, especially in the private native allotments or ANSCA corporation lands; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors requests assistance from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and US Fish and Wildlife Service for help in inspection of the quality of meat and are fined or punished for wanton waste.

Submitted by: Louden Tribal Council


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