Executive Board of Directors

The nine-member Executive Board is elected to staggered terms by the full Board or Directors at the annual meeting in March. The President and Chairman of the Board is elected by the full Board of Directors and serves as CEO of the Tanana Chiefs Conference.

The Executive Board includes two ex-officio members who serve as a Youth and an Elder advisory position. In addition to the ex-officio members, our Traditional Chief, or Second Chief when necessary, serves as an advisor to the Executive Board and the full Board of Directors. These positions ensure the continuation of our region’s traditions, culture, and values.

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Donald Honea, Sr.

Tribal member from Ruby; currently the 1st Traditional Chief of the region since 2008.

Trimble Gilbert

Tribal member from Arctic Village; currently the 2nd Traditional Chief of the region since 2009.

Victor Joseph

Tribal member from Tanana. Currently serving as Tanana Chiefs Conference President/Chairman for a three-year term (2014-2017)

Julie Roberts-Hyslop

Tribal member from Tanana; currently TCC Vice President. Elected March 2013.

Pat McCarty

Secretary/Treasurer from Ruby Term: 3/12-3/15

Donald Adams

Tribal member from Tetlin; currently the Upper Tanana sub regional executive board representative until March 2014.

Nick Alexia, Sr.

Tribal Member from Nikolai; currently the Upper Kuskokwim sub regional representative to the executive board;

Term: 3/12-3/15.


Nancy James

Tribal member from Fort Yukon; currently the Yukon Flats sub regional representative to the executive board. Elected March 2013.

Eugene Paul

Tribal member from Holy Cross; currently the Lower Yukon sub regional executive board representative;

Term: 3/12-3/15.


Leo Lolnitz

Tribal member from Koyukuk; currently the Yukon Koyukuk sub regional executive board representative until March 2014.

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PJ Simon

Tribal member from Yukon / Tanana. Elected March 2013.

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Gerald Patsy

Tribal member from Nulato. Elected March 2013.

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