Strategic Plan

TCC 2015-2020 Strategic Plan 1

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TCC has developed a five-year Strategic Plan, which will guide the work of the organization through 2015-2020. Each year TCC will determine the highest priorities and specific initiatives for that year. TCC management will report annually to the Board of Directors regarding progress made on implementing the plan.

Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives

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TCC’s Vital Few Priorities for 2015


  • Accelerating the ‘War on Alcohol’ Jacoline Bergstrom / Marilyn Andon
  • Implement Hunting & Fishing Task Force initiatives Natasha Singh / Ben Stevens
  • Complete applications for Child Support Enforcement services Don Shircel
  • Prevent closure of small village schools in the region Don Shircel / Ava Vent 
  • Complete a regional economic development strategy Will Mayo
  • Complete a regional transportation plan Tiffany Simmons / Melanie Herbert
  • Complete a regional energy plan Paul Mayo / Dave Pelunis-Messier
  • Advocate for village telecommunications/broadband services Joshua Peter /Scott Stewart
  • Address village housing and equipment needs Tiffany Simmons / Alfred Felix 
  • Promotion of cultural and traditional values Doreen Deaton


  • Effective high-level communication and relationships with DOI and DHHS on legislation and funding
    Victor Joseph /Natasha Singh
  • Effective high-level communication and relationships with BIA Will Mayo
  • Strategy for responding/adjusting to significant reductions in State funding Natasha Singh/Victor Joseph
  • Complete TCC Rural Jobs Creation initiatives Heather Rogers
  • Complete updating of all TCC policies Natasha Singh
  • Achieve CARF accreditation for Behavioral Health Jacoline Bergstrom / Marilyn Andon
  • Implement 3 new electronic document processing improvements Brian Ridley
  • Meet ICD-10 medical coding requirements Jacoline Bergstrom
  • Address procurement and storage inefficiencies Brian Ridley /Jacoline Bergstrom
  • Complete facilities plan/decision 23rd property Brian Ridley
  • Establish TCC Planning/Grant Writing office Tiffany Simmons
  • Complete a budgeting/contract support cost plan Ben Shilling