Patient Experience Program

The Patient Experience Program is here to assist you. If you need assistance navigating through your health care delivery system, please ask to speak with our Patient Experience Team.

Contact Us:

Answer questions about our health systems and processes

Accompany patients to appointments and take notes

Manage patient grievances and facilitate responses

Provide patient shuttle services

Provide expertise to employees on patient experience

Document comment card information submitted by patients and distribute kudos to employees

ANMC-TCC Patient Navigator assists patients, escorts and families in navigating a complex health system. Serves as liaison between family members and hospital/clinical staff to ensure both the patient’s and family’s desires, expectations and needs are considered and met through Patient and Family Centered Care.

Meet the Patient Experience Team

Leilani Sauer
Patient Experience Manager

Kristy Supsook
Patient Advocate ANMC-TCC
1-800-478-6682 ext.3604
Cell: 907-687-9193

Shayla Carney
Lead Patient Navigator 

Shawna Hytry
Patient Navigator 

Marilyn James profile picture

Marilyn James
Patient Navigator
ext. 3774

Amanda Burgett
Lead Patient Transport Specialist

Stephanie Harris
Patient Transport Specialist

Patient Comments and Concerns

Our team handles all patient comments and concerns for TCC. To submit, please visit our Patient Feedback page.

Purchased Referred Care

Our Patient Experience Team can also help you appeal a Purchased Referred Care (PRC). Please bring with you the following:

  • PRC denial with date of service
  • Medical records report for denied services
  • Bills from private facilities where you received care

We make every effort to achieve a high quality of health services by adopting this Patient Rights and Responsibilities Policy.  If you have any questions about this policy, please consult our Patient Experience Team.