Legal Services

Our staff offers many different legal and advocacy services related to Tribal Governments, Corporate Affairs, and regional priorities when necessary.  We may also assist tribes on other legal matters depending on legal resources and the impact to the region.

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Corporate Affairs

We primarily provide legal guidance to our internal departments.  We oversee our election process and updates to our Bylaws and Committee rules of order.


It is the responsibility of each of our programs and departments to advocate at the local, state and national level.  We assist with coordination and technical guidance of our overall advocacy efforts.  Our legal staff regularly attend state and national meetings including AFNANHBNCAIALSCNARF, ITA and IRRPCC and others to represent and advocate on behalf of TCC and TCC member tribes.

Indian Child Welfare Act

We provides assistance to tribes that seek to intervene (become a legal party) in state child protection cases.  We may provide assistance to a tribe that seeks to transfer a state child protection case to tribal court.  We may also provide legal representation to a tribe in state child protection cases in which there is legal matter that might be resolved by an attorney.  We are the only Alaska Native non-profit entity to provide assistance with child protection cases.


We do not offer legal advice to individuals.  The organizations below may be useful for individuals seeking legal advice.

Other Useful Websites

The Native American Rights Fund is a non-profit law firm dedicated to serving Native American and Alaska Natives tribes.

The National Congress of American Indians is an intertribal organization dedicated to advocating for American Indian and Alaska Native tribes. We are a member of NCAI.

The Alaska Native Health Board is the statewide voice on Native health issues promoting the spiritual, physical, mental, social and cultural well-being and pride of Native people.  We are a member of the ANHB.

The Alaska Federation of Natives is an Alaska Natives organization composed of ANCSA regional and village corporations as well as tribes and Native non-profits.  AFN’s mission is to enhance and promote the cultural, economic and political voice of the entire Alaska Native community.  We are a member of AFN.