Energy Conservation

The TCC Rural Energy Department focuses on community-wide energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy efficient buildings projects.

Our deparment works closely with Tribes, Utilities, Municipalities, ANTHC and CCHRC to make these projects successful. Additionally, we work with other Partner Organizations, including the State and Federal government, to find clean and affordable energy solutions for our communities.

Recent Headlines

Advocacy/Legislative Update 2.28.20

Oil and Gas Companies Are Totally Awesome A ballot initiative that would change the way that oil and gas tax credits are calculated has been certified to appear on the ballot during the General Election this November.  Expect to see (and hear) a ton of campaign ads from those that want you to vote to maintain the status quo –

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Fort Yukon Solar Electric Project

Near the confluence of the Yukon and Porcupine Rivers in Fort Yukon, Alaska functions an 18KW grid tied solar electric system. The system was funded through the cooperative efforts of the Gwichyaa Gwich’in Tribal Government, Gwitchyaa Zhee Corporation, the Department of Energy and Tanana Chiefs Conference. In the Spring of 2015, a local five person crew installed the 72 panel

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In 2015 TCC contracted with the Alaska Energy Authority to complete the  Interior Regional Energy Plan.  

The plan was aimed at identifying opportunities for renewable energy, energy efficiency and operational efficiency in existing energy generation and transportation systems. Meetings were held in each of TCC’s subregion and feedback was solicited from major energy stakeholders in each community, including municipalities, tribes, utilities, school districts and residents. The plan is intended to be useful for making policy decisions at the state level and village decisions at the community level.