Advocacy/Legislative Update 2.28.20

Oil and Gas Companies Are Totally Awesome

A ballot initiative that would change the way that oil and gas tax credits are calculated has been certified to appear on the ballot during the General Election this November.  Expect to see (and hear) a ton of campaign ads from those that want you to vote to maintain the status quo – those ads will sound something like “oil companies will leave and there will be no jobs for anyone and we will all die and starve.”  There will also likely be ads from those that would like the oil and gas companies to chip in a tiny bit more money to the state for basic services, but those ads will only be late at night and during shows you don’t watch because those campaigns don’t have any money for good ad space.  Weird. Story here. And another here.

TCC is basically taking over Juneau

During the last two weeks and carrying over into next, Tanana Chiefs Conference advocates have been storming the halls and committees in Juneau on several key pieces of legislation.  General Counsel Natasha Singh spoke to both the House Tribal Affairs and State Affairs committees on HB221, a landmark bill that FINALLY extends state recognition to already federally recognized tribes.  The bill is an important first step as we march into discussions on compacting education and continue to break ground on child protection compacting.  Story here.  Next week our much anticipated bill on the VPSO program changes will be heard in House Tribal Affairs.  Stay tuned for that story.

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Super Tuesday is almost here…yay.