Resolution 2019-03: Improve Standards and Local Hire in Housing Projects

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WHEREAS, Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) is an Alaska Native tribal health and social services consortium established by the Interior Alaska tribes and tribal communities, to provide a unified voice in advancing sovereign tribal governments through the promotion of physical and mental wellness, education, socioeconomic development and culture of the Interior Alaska Native; and

WHEREAS, there is a housing crisis in rural Alaska that inhibits tribes from growing population and recruiting for vital community positions such as teachers, law enforcement, medical staff and others; and 

WHEREAS, to address the housing crisis the member tribes of TCC seek improved communication with TCC and IRHA regarding housing projects; and

WHEREAS, the member tribes of TCC deserve quality of housing projects from TCC and IRHA; and the member tribes of TCC seeks to implement local priority hire in all projects from IRHA and TCC.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors strongly encourages IRHA to improve its Rehabilitation
Standards for the purpose of eliminating substandard conditions and realistically extending the Useful Life of homes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors strongly encourages IRHA to prioritize the local hire of their Tribal members on all IRHA projects in villages.

Submitted by: Anvik Tribal Council


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