Resolution 2018-26: Equity for the Criminal Justice System and Alaska Natives

WHEREAS, Tanana Chiefs Conference has long held the position that there are racially based inequities and systematic bias within all levels of the Alaska justice system which greatly impact the people of our region; and

WHEREAS, these issues are well established through the experiences of our people within the criminal justice system and have been repeatedly exposed through significant cases such as the Fairbanks Four case, shooting death of Corwin Vent, and many others; and

WHEREAS, statistical information pertaining to inequities in police violence, overprosecution of Indigenous defendants, under-prosecution of crimes involving Indigenous victims, sentencing disparities, fatal shootings, death and injury while in custody, due process violations, and a myriad of other issues which taken together represent a catastrophic civil rights issue that has not been adequately studied, extrapolated, or exposed; and

WHEREAS, the compilation and publication of such data would help substantiate the claims of unequal treatment under the law by many of our constituents.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors shall establish a task force to best determine how to compile, evaluate, and publish data pertaining to inequities in the justice system in the Interior of Alaska, and how best to fund this effort.

Submitted by: Tanana Tribal Council


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