Resolution 2018-16: Canyon Village Traditional Land Selections

WHEREAS, Congress has historically failed to recognize the Tribe of Canyon Village Gwich’in as a federally recognized tribe, and has not restored the rights and lands of the Canyon Village Gwich’in; and

WHEREAS, it is beholden upon the US Congress to recognize the Canyon Village Tribal Government and their right to lands and ability to generate economic development and self-government for their members; and

WHEREAS, Canyon Village is recognized in Senate Bill 1481 which recognizes the right of Canyon Village to finalize their land selection rights; and

WHEREAS, it is Canyon Village’s right to request that this bill be amended to fully confer these land selections, surface and subsurface, to the Tribal Government of Canyon Village; and

WHEREAS, Alaska Native community of Canyon Village was recognized as a group under ANCSA and was eligible to receive the land it had used habitually since 1958. Canyon Village however, did not receive this land due in part to an error by the federal government.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors support the efforts of Canyon Village to urge Congress to federally recognize the Tribe of Canyon Village Gwich’in and to issue the final conveyance of Canyon Village traditional land selections to the Federally Recognized Canyon Village Gwich’in; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that TCC supports an amendment to Senate Bill 1481 Section 8 to restore the Tribe of Canyon Village Gwich’in as a Federally Recognized Tribe and the conveyance of their traditional lands to the Federally Recognized Tribe; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED TCC recognizes the widespread support in Alaska for Federally Recognizing the Canyon Village Gwich’in; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this resolution replaces TCC Full Board Resolution 2017-20.

Submitted by: Arctic Village


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