Resolution 2017-06: Preserving Our Cultural Activities

WHEREAS, The 2017 Youth Delegates request more cultural activities in the villages; and

WHEREAS, Some villages do not have Native dance groups, most people do not know their songs and dances; and

WHEREAS, Preserving our cultural activities will guide future generations; and

WHEREAS, Learning the traditional transportation methods of making snowshoes, dog sleds, and traditional canoes will support healthy active lifestyles; and

WHEREAS, Our traditional Native language is dying out and we want more fluent speakers in our schools; and

WHEREAS, We would like Native food classes in our schools so we can continue to cook our traditional foods.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors hereby directs staff to assist the 2017 Youth Delegates in identifying elders to assist the youth in our villages to learn about our culture and to keep our culture alive.

Submitted by: Youth Delegates


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