PJ Simon – Chief/Chairman


PJ Simon lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and is a tribal member from Allakaket and Galena. He is a Class A assistant hunting guide, and is currently working towards his registered big game guide license as well as a plumber apprentice, and is working towards his journeyman plumbing license. He currently serves on the EXCEL Alaska board and has served on many boards as a board member including, Alaska Trappers Association, Bureau of Land Management Alaska Resource Advisory Council, as secretary/treasurer on Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) executive board, Chena Bingo Board, TCC advocacy committee, and in the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Water and Sewer focus group. Not only has he worked as a political advocate and First Chief for the Allakaket Tribe, he has worked as an alternate Doyon representative on the Alaska Federation of Natives board of directors. He currently has his own big game transport business, and has worked as an assistant big game guide for the Alaska Challenge Guide Service and Mountain Monarchs of Alaska, LLC.


“Let us not forget the candidates that ran this year, Ethan, Chief Isaac, Edward, and Spud. They’re really good people, who want to make a difference and who care for you all, as do I. I will work as hard as I can every single day to bring you the best service. Like I said, I want running water in the villages, high speed internet, law and order; we deserve this. Alaskan Native people are Alaska’s first people. I said earlier, we are the oldest institution in the United States of America for a governing body, as we look forward with the administration, thank you all for your hard work every single day to deliver a high quality of service to our tribes out in the area. When you try to deliver a high level of service in a non-standard fashion in a remote location, it is challenging, it is tough, but you guys have got it done. So, thank you administration.

It’s been quite an honor. Three years ago, I ran, I did not win at that time. I left with a good heart, walked home, called my parents and I said thank you for supporting me. But, it’s all of us. There’s no ‘I’ in this, this victory right here. It’s ‘we’, it’s all of us. As we trudge forward, we have the intellect, we have the energy, we got the human resources, let’s work together to build the greatest and healthiest Alaskan Native people here in the interior. When I say I love you all, I mean it. I have always fought hard for our native people. Growing up, without insulation in the floor and the ceiling and remembering how hard my dad worked with a second-grade education. You remember those things, and the elders that used to make those big speeches here. That gives you hope. And, everybody in the area, I hope you guys have and share that same hope and vision that we will prevail. We got to work together.” – Chief PJ Simon

“It gives me great honor to put this on your as our new chief/chairman. Remember, you just don’t work it for one, you work for all in our region. It’s not just one area, it’s the full region. You’re going to start working for my grandchildren, our grandchildren, and our future. Do it with a good heart, as I know you will. Ana’ Bassee.” – Victor Joseph

“To hear the name, Reverend David Salmon, it’s a powerful thing. Such rich history as we go forward. Good words, Chief Joseph. That’s the very best words you can give, and I take it with all my heart.” – Chief PJ Simon

“You know, every journey starts with good people in people’s lives. No matter what path that you were on, no path will change without the right people. I want to thank all the staff. PJ, you’re getting some good people. What I know, is if you care for them, they’re going to care for you and they will help you achieve your vision. It’s your beginning.” – Victor Joseph.