Village Planning & Grant Writing

The Village Planning and Development Department consists of a Community Planning Coordinator and a Grants Administrator who are dedicated to providing our Tribes with the tools needed to establish comprehensive community plans, envisioning their wants and needs, and writing and submitting grant proposals.

Benefits of Planning

    • Plan = Road Map: prioritize goals and projects to enhance community- socially, culturally and economically. Provides a reason for communities to come together and build consensus on a vision for the future.
    • Ownership:  Good way to get input from all community members to strengthen the efforts and goals of the Tribal Council. Also helps communities to maintain control of the development process.
    • Guidance: Helps Council/City governments accomplish what their constituents want/need
    • Funding:  It is an important step in any grant application.

Benefits of Grant Writing

    • Economic Development of receiving a grant
    • Organizational structure: prioritize its goals and clarify the mission internally
    • Team Building: The grant proposal is often prepared in a team setting.  This builds teamwork skills and gives the personnel a greater sense of personal involvement in the grant application and in the organization as a whole.
    • Image: Grant writing allows the organization to clearly define itself both internally and externally. Obtaining grants is proof that the organization is dedicated to its mission statement and has the necessary level of professionalism to receive outside funding for the project.

Assistance in Applying for Grant Funding

If your Tribal Council is interested in getting assistance in applying for grant funding all you have to do is: