Village Planning FAQ

Available Topics:

Who is eligible? Tribal Councils in the TCC region.

Tribes can apply for funding to hire either a community member as a community planning or  a grant development specialist.

Is this a TCC position that pays benefits? 

No, the person hired will NOT be a TCC employee; they will be a temporary employee of the Village Council and supervised by a member of the village council. A TCC background check is not required.

What do tribes receive if they are awarded the contract? 

Funding that covers the salary of a temporary employee for 400 hours at $20 an hour plus fringe (Medicare, social security and workers comp) ; the temporary employees are expected to work approximately 30 hours a week.

How many contracts will be awarded?

 It is a competitive process- Up to 10 contracts are available per program cycle. A Tribal Council may only submit one application for one of the two positions each cycle (submitting for more than one position or submitting multiple applicants for one position will disqualify the application).

What are tribes responsible for contributing? 

Tribal councils that are awarded a contract are responsible for ensuring the terms of the contract are met and must be committed to working closely with either the community planner or grant writer they hire to complete the contract. Tribal councils are also responsible for supplying office space and supplies, a computer with Microsoft Word or equivalent, and community meeting space that will be used by village employee.

Are there any specifications about who a tribe can hire to complete the contract? 

The village employee:

  • Must currently be a resident in the community.
  • Must also complete the employee segment of the application that the tribe must include in their final application to the VP&D Program.
  • Must have a GED, but a high school diploma is preferred.
  • Must not be employed during the duration of the contract in another position for more than 20 hours per week.

What kind of support will the village employees receive from the Tanana Chiefs Conference Village Planning & Development Program if awarded?

Village employees hired by their tribal councils through these contracts may have their travel and training fees covered for community planning & grant writing training. Our support staff in Fairbanks will maintain regular contact with village employees to assist them throughout the contract period and completion of their planning projects.

In addition to the required community planning & grant writing training, Technical Assistance Teleconferences will be held.