Willow House Renovation

With approval from the Executive Board, the Willow House patient hotel is undergoing a massive renovation to improve the quality of stay for those receiving care in Fairbanks. For the past year, TCC has been working with architects, engineers, interior designers, and contractors to design a massive renovation of the patient hotel. Demolition has been completed, and installation of new electrical, IT networks drops, and lighting is under way.

A mock up room has been completed to provide a view of what the rest of the rooms will look like after completion of the project. On October 15, the TCC Executive Board and Executive Managers were able to tour the mock hotel room, take a firsthand look at all the renovations, and talk with the contractors.
All rooms will have new paint, flooring, light fixtures, exhaust fans, A/C units, furniture and linens, and hotel-grade TV and phone systems. On the main floor, one room is being designed to accommodate a person who is at end-of-life, with a connecting room dedicated for the family of that loved one. On the opposite side of the hall, the suite is being converted into a community gathering area with kitchen accommodations in order to support family gatherings and meal preparation for those staying at the hotel. The adjoining guest room will be converted into a laundry/ vending machine room for hotel guests to use.
Construction should be completed in January, and the hotel will re-open as soon as furnishings are available to install thereafter. TCC will continue to update our patients as we continue this renovation.