Fish & Wildlife

The Fisheries Program works to continually build educational capacity and expertise in fisheries science throughout the TCC region. Our goals are to utilize western science and traditional knowledge to enable sustainable fisheries, and to be advocates for fishing and hunting rights throughout the TCC region. We strive to accomplish our goals by partnering with other Tribal Organizations, NGO’s, state and federal agencies to better manage, protect, and preserve our fisheries resources.

We also offer seasonal employment for Fisheries Technicians and Interns during the field season. Please visit TCC Jobs Postings to see if a position is currently available or contact the Fisheries Program for inquiries.

The Program is currently working on several projects throughout the region.

More Information on Fisheries and Regulations

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Yukon River Fisheries In-Season Management Teleconference

    • Every Tuesday June – August at 1:00 pm Alaska Time
    • 1-800-315-6338, Participant Code ext. # 98566

Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Task Force

To protect the wellbeing of our people, the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full Board of Directors passed Resolution No. 2013-19 to establish a joint Hunting and Fishing Task Force. The founding resolution called for the Task Force to be a joint effort, unifying the Interior Alaska Native voice. Subsequently, Doyon, Limited, Denakkanaaga, and Fairbanks Native Association all passed partner resolutions supporting the joint Task Force.

The traditional hunting and fishing practices of our people, including the harvesting and sharing of fish, game, and other resources and the ceremonies which accompany these practices provide for the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic wellbeing and survival of our people and communities.

Task Force Members

Task Force Members

Lower Yukon –  Eugene Paul, Holy Cross
Upper Kuskokwim – Nick Petruska, Nikolai
Upper Tanana –  Robert Lee Demit, Northway
Yukon Tanana –  Victor Lord, Nenana
Yukon Flats – Paul Shewfelt, Fort Yukon
Yukon Koyukuk – Percy Lolnitz, Koyukuk

Victor Joseph
Paul Mayo
Orville Huntington
Natasha Singh
Brian McKenna
Carrie Stevens

Board Representative – Michael Fleagle
Staff Representative – Sarah Obed

Lester Erhart –  Tanana
Fred Alexie Sr – Kaltag
Glenn Carlo – Staff

Executive Director – Steve Ginnis

Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives

As defined by founding resolutions, the mission of the Task Force shall be to direct advocacy efforts to protect Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights central to our traditional way of life and wellbeing.


  1. To speak and act with a unified voice.
  2. To protect Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights including the harvesting and sharing of fish, game and other resources.
  3. To ensure Alaska Native management of traditional lands and resources for sustainable yield.


Core Methods & Strategy

Core Methods

Implement grassroots advocacy, increase Native vote, develop public education, and strengthen relationships to achieve objectives.


  • Seek legislation, administrative action, and litigation to protect Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights including the harvesting and sharing of fish, game and other resources.
  • Increase Alaska Native influence in government regulation and policy changes regarding traditional lands, resources, and their use.
  • Enhance Alaska Native management of traditional lands, resources, and their use.
  • Impact international dialogue, climate change policy, arctic policy, and research groups to protect Alaska Native interests.