Youth Jobs

Summer Youth Employment

Village youth, please contact your tribe if interested in working in for the Summer Youth Employment in your community. All applicants will need to complete the TCC Youth eligibility form.

Youth Services strives to help youth find opportunities for leadership development, specialized training, and career exploration.Some eligibility requirements are age (generally 14-21 years), Alaska Native, American Indian or Native Hawaiian descent, and the amount of your current income.

For more information, please email Robin Campbell, Employment & Training Coordinator,  or call (907) 452-8251 ext. 3231

Fairbanks Youth

The Morris Thomson Cultural and Visitors Center seasonally looks for youth to work as a Cultural Tourism Student. Contact Cindy Schumaker for more information. (907) 459-3741

Both village and city based applicants will have to complete the Youth eligibility form to verify if you are income eligible for the program. Please remember applying for the job based in Fairbanks is not guaranteed employment. Dixie Alexander and Cindy Schumaker at the Morris Thompson center will be conducting the interviews and doing the selection process.  

  • Dixie Alexander, Cultural Program Director – (907) 459-3740
  • Cindy Schumaker, Operations Manager – (907) 459-3741

TCC Eligibility forms must be completed with household income and proof of tribal enrollment, along with the application completely filled out. Please turn in finished Youth eligibility forms to Shelby Fisher-Salmon at or fax to (907) 459-3885.

Telephone: (907) 452-8251 ext. 3172