The Village Public Safety Officer Program(VPSO) Program was designed to train and employ individuals residing in the village as first responders to public safety emergencies such as search and rescue, fire protection, emergency medical assistance, crime prevention and basic law enforcement. The presence of these officers has had a significant impact on improving the quality of life in the participating villages. As a result, the Village Public Safety Officers (VPSOs) are generally the first to respond to many calls for help from community members; hence their motto: “First Responders – Last Frontier”.

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Program Details

In communities associated with the Village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) Program, citizens are afforded immediate response to emergencies without delays caused by weather or distance. Although VPSOs are not expected to handle high risk or complex investigative situations, they are the “First Responders” to situations in their communities. A VPSO provides the community with limited emergency medical services, search and rescue operations, fire prevention and suppression, emergency response and preparedness, public safety education, and community policing. They monitor public safety in their community and supplement the efforts of the Alaska State Troopers. For example, a VPSO can stabilize volatile situations and preserve a crime scene until the Troopers can arrive, conduct and complete misdemeanor investigations with advice, guidance and support provided by the Alaska State Troopers, and may assist the Alaska State Troopers with a felony investigation at the direction of the investigating Trooper.


To apply please visit our job board at https://www.tananachiefs.org/careers

Communities Serviced

  • Alatna
  • Allakaket
  • Anvik
  • Arctic Village
  • Beaver
  • Birch Creek
  • Central
  • Chalkyitsik
  • Circle
  • Eagle
  • Fort Yukon
  • Grayling
  • Holy Cross
  • Hughes
  • Huslia
  • Kaltag
  • Koyukuk
  • Manley Hot Springs
  • McGrath
  • Minto
  • Nikolai
  • Nulato
  • Rampart
  • Ruby
  • Shageluk
  • Stevens Village
  • Tanana
  • Tetlin
  • Venetie