Self Governance

Under Federal law, Tribes can redesign and reallocate funding for federal programs according to their tribal priorities. Self-Governance extends its knowledge and expertise to Tribes in need of training and technical assistance while furthering their ability to obtain, establish and operate Tribal programs.

Tribes have 3 options for program service delivery under TCC Self-Governance policies:

  1. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The Tribe leaves its program funding at TCC for service delivery and has control of a discretionary budget for its own administrative purposes.
  2. Expanded Memorandum of Agreement (EMOA). The Tribe takes responsibility for operating one or more programs. No funding is provided directly to the Tribe. The Tribe initiates budgetary requests according to their own priorities while TCC assures compliance of federal regulations.
  3. Contract for Services (CFS). The Tribe takes responsibility of operations and financial management of available programs and funds are advanced to the Tribe. The amount of the advance will be contingent with quarterly reviews.

Several Tribes in the TCC region have elected to operate federal programs under a PL 93-638 contract directly with federal agencies. These Tribes operate their programs according to applicable federal regulations and do not operate them under TCC Self-Governance policies.

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