Obstetric Care

We offer complete obstetric (OB) care throughout a women’s pregnancy.  Early and regular prenatal care reduces the risks of birth defects, which is why we are happy to provide prenatal care at the CAIHC, as well as the village and sub-regional clinics.

OB appointments are available throughout the week with our qualified providers. Appointments are required for routine prenatal care, however emergencies are seen as needed.

We strive to provide the best care possible for pregnant women up until delivery, and continue assisting them postpartum. If you are a remote patient, you will be asked to travel to CAIHC four weeks before delivery.  Note: TCC is not responsible for the cost of medivacs for individuals who refuse to travel for delivery at least two weeks before their due date.

Other services available for Women, Infants, and Children you may be interested in are:

  • nutrition counseling 
  • breast feeding support
  • health screening and referrals for pregnant & postpartum women