Tribal Employment Rights Office

  • What is the purpose of TERO?
  • What is the concept behind TERO?
  • What is the legal basis for TERO?
  • What are the characteristics of a TERO Program?
  • What is the legal framework behind an Alaskan TERO?

Like Indians in the Lower 48, Alaska Native Tribes have unique needs and a special right to employment and business opportunities in their tribal communities Lack of economic development opportunities has undermined the fragile subsistence economy, more so following the recent Western Alaska Fisheries Disaster. Additionally, the unemployment rates in these tribal communities are extraordinarily high. Thus, there is a need for an aggressive implementation of Tribal Employment Rights. And, there is also a special entitlement to such opportunities.Congress has promised Alaska Tribes the right to self-determination, a right that can be of value only if it is accompanied by economic self-sufficiency.

What does TERO mean?

  • Tribal Employment Rights Office
  • Tribal Employment Rights Officer
  • Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance
  • Tribal Employment Rights Opportunity

Like land, water, and minerals, employment and business opportunities are resources which tribal governments must protect if they are to achieve economic and social self-sufficiency.  TCC implemented its TERO Program over a decade ago as part of its effort to support the tribal employment rights of its 42 member villages throughout Interior Alaska.

View or download a TERO Ordinance Template (99KB).