Hunting, Fishing, Gathering Task Force

salmon drying on an Alaska native traditional fish rack along the yukon river.

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The Hunting, Fishing Gathering Task Force was established in 2013 to direct advocacy efforts to protect Alaska Native Hunting & Fishing rights.

The traditional hunting and fishing practices, which include the ceremonies that accompany these practices, provide for the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic wellbeing and survival of our people and communities.

Strategies to protect the well being of our people

  • Increase Alaska Native Influence in Regulation/Policy
  • Enhance Alaska Native Management
  • Seek Legislation, Administrative action and litigation
  • Impact Climate Change and Arctic Policy, Research, and International Dialogue.

About Us


Direct advocacy efforts to protect Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights central to our traditional way of life and wellbeing.


  1. Speak and act with a unified voice.
  2. Protect Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights including the harvesting and sharing of fish, game, and other resources.
  3. Ensure Alaska Native management of traditional lands and resources.

Task Force Representatives

The Task Force is made up of representatives from Doyon, Limited, Fairbanks Native Association, Denakkanaaga, and the tribal governments of: Tanana Chiefs Conference Region.

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