Northway Contaminant Geodatabase

In 2017, TCC Forestry was approached by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help compile information on environmentally contaminated sites in the Northway area. 

The area around Northway unfortunately has a long history of contamination resulting mostly from government and military activities that have occurred there for years. The U.S. Military has been funding contaminant biologists at USFWS to help with collecting contamination data in the area, and a need was recognized for compiling and assembling available data in a convenient and accessible form for Northway tribal members. 

TCC Forestry’s capabilities in database design and digital mapping resulted in a short Cooperative Agreement between TCC and USFWS to enable the creation of a geodatabase and an associated interactive webmap. This is a short term project, with work taking place between October 2017 and January 2018. 

The final product is a geodatabase that defines locations of contaminated sites near Northway and links a variety of documents to the sites. The webmap allows for individual sites to be selected for displayed information, including links to the associated documents. The webmap also displays the location of sample sites for data collected by USFWS biologists for contaminant levels in subsistence foods.