Brownfields Inventory

Creating an inventory of Brownfields sites in your community is the first step to cleaning up and reusing a site.

Many villages have multiple sites they’d like to address. Having an inventory of the Brownfields in your community has multiple benefits, including:

  • Identifying properties of public health or environmental concern
  • Collects information to plan and develop environmental projects
  • Increases community awareness of the issues
  • Helps to prioritize local environmental goals
  • Creates a mechanism that can be used for tracking project activities

What information does a Brownfields inventory include?

The TCC TRP has developed an inventory that includes information about property history; contamination of concern; photographs; GPS data; and intended reuse of the property. The inventory is designed to evolve to meet Tribal members’ needs, so additional information can always be included at your request.

Ready to get started on your village Brownfields inventory?

Our staff will need to make a visit to gather information about your sites of concern. We’ll put all of the information together for you and provide you with your own inventory that can be updated as needed. We will not publish your village inventory or share it with others unless you request us to do so.

Contact to get started on your brownfields inventory.