Emergency Flood Assistance

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Our Emergency (Flood) Assistance program is available to all Native households that have been displaced because of significant damage to their home, due to flooding.

To be eligible to receive assistance through this program, all of the following conditions must be met;

  • A household is defined as “all individuals residing in the house.”
  • A Native household is a household in which the head of the household is a member of a federally recognized tribe.
  • A Native household that has been displaced because of significant damage to their home (due to flooding) is eligible to receive a one-time, emergency (flood) assistance benefit of $1,000.
  • “Significant damage” means that the current home of the head of the household has been inundated by flooding, and is uninhabitable causing household members to find shelter in another location.

Individual tribal members who feel that they meet the above criteria should complete the brief application (attached) which is also available at their local tribal office, on the TCC website and at the TCC office in Fairbanks.

Completed applications should be submitted at the Tanana Chiefs Conference Office in Fairbanks (or at your Tribal Office if you are currently in the village).

Authorized tribal staff will review and verify the information included in the application.

Benefit checks to households which meet the criteria above will be distributed to the head of the household indicated on the application.

Questions regarding the TCC Emergency (Flood) Assistance program should be directed to Joyce Robinson, Eligibility Specialist at:

  • 452.8251 ext.3086 (in Fairbanks)
  • 1.800.478.6682  (toll-free telephone)
  • 1.907.459.3870  (fax)