Resolution 2019-06: Advocates to Assist our Youth When They Encounter Judicial System

WHEREAS,  the First People have been inhabiting this great land from time immemorial, taking healthy sustenance from the waters and lands; and

WHEREAS, the First People had their chiefs to act as advocates and spokesmen for their Tribal members, to make decisions on behalf of the wellbeing of all Tribal members; and

WHEREAS, when the First Peoples had disagreements, to avoid conflict, they often packed their families and villages, and moved to another area in their region; and

WHEREAS, colonial powers since the time of the US Territory of Alaska and continuing on with the State of Alaska has created rules and laws to oppress the First Peoples, , and criminalize minor infractions to include heavy fines and incarceration; and

WHEREAS, our youth are entangled into the judicial system by breaking the rules and laws, and become ensnared into the racist justice system in Alaska, that consists of being remanded back behind bars, for small infractions; and

WHEREAS, the youth are being purposefully groomed to stay in the judicial system, so when they are adults, they will more likely  go into the privatized for-profit prison system, rather than obtaining the necessary counseling and treatment programs, to allow for lifestyle changes in order to not re-offend.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Tribes in the Tanana Chiefs Conference Region request, Tanana Chiefs Conference to seek funding for judicial  advocates for youth to navigate the criminal justice system, engage in available programs, obtain the necessary treatment and prevent further criminal activity; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Tanana Chiefs Conference partner with the State of Alaska, Federal agencies and the ANCSA corporations to obtain funding for judicial advocates for the youth.

Submitted by: Tanana Tribal Council


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