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Advocacy/Legislative Update 9.18.20

Murkowski writes NCAI a letter…tells them to shape up As you guys know there is a battle being waged over who gets COVID money that was set aside for “tribal governments”.  Needless to say, lower 48 Tribes (and NCAI) were upset with Alaska Native Corporations tried to get in on

Advocacy/Legislative Update 9.4.20

It’s Budget Crunch Time It’s that time of year…it used to be the time of year when I would report out to you what the DOI/BIA/IHS budgets were going to be for the next fiscal year, but now more often than not it is the time of year to talk

Preventing Suicide through Family Togetherness

Family Time is essential for our youth’s mental health and wellness. Consistent family time can help youth feel important and loved. By spending time together, youth can build confidence, increase communication, and build trust. Through the establishment and nurtured relationships, a safe space is developed.  Forming these bonds can be

Tina Nollner – CHA Spotlight

The residents of Circle had no idea that the frightening illness of the recent newcomer would bring health to the entire community, but it did.  Tina Nollner recalls, “I moved to Circle in March of 2018, and soon after got really, really sick.  I felt like I was going to

Oil & Gas Exploration Threatens Gwich’in Way of Life

Lizhik Gwats’an Gwandaii Goodlit translates to ‘The Sacred Place Where Life Begins’, which is what the Gwich’in people call the Coastal Plain of the 19.3 million acre land known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The land was named this because it is the birthing, calving and post-calving grounds

Advocacy/Legislative Update 8.28.20

News happened…… State Reports: Federal Reports: News Links: State News: Tribal groups sue over ANWR decision Alaska Attorney General is yuck Fairbanks Police Chief resigns after only one year on the job Oil Tax Initiative Wins Court Battle Long time Fbks Senator gets ousted in the Republican Primary National News:

Advocacy/Legislative Update 8.14.20

State Sues Over Hunting Decision The State of Alaska has filed a preliminary injunction against the Federal Subsistence Board decision that gave local federal land managers the authority to open federal lands in their respective jurisdictions for fishing and hunting by emergency or temporary regulations to lessen food insecurities due

CAIHC Uses Family History to Prevent Cancer

The Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center (CAIHC) is using family history to assist patients in reducing their chances of developing colon cancer. CAIHC is identifying relatives of those who have had a history of precancerous colon polyps. This will assist providers in identifying patients who should be screen every 5

Agnes Silas – CHA Spotlight

Agnes Silas, Minto CHA Some people spend a lifetime trying to find their passion, what they want to contribute to the world.  Others, like Agnes Silas, one of three Minto health aides, knew from her earliest years what she wanted to be when she grew up.  “Even when I was

Energy Assistance Public Comment

Tanana Chiefs Conference plans to provide services under the Low Income Home Energy AssistanceProgram (LIHEAP) for FY2021, which is available for review online at the following link. Persons wishing to comment on the proposed plan can comment by public hearing, which will take place via Zoom Video Conference:Thursday, August 27,

Recent Events

Yukon River Fish Update

Join Stephanie Quinn-Davidson, Brooke Woods, and Charlie Wright this morning on KRFF 89.1 as they provide an update on the Yukon River fishing season! Friday, January 29th at 11:00am Voice

FNA 2021 Annual Membership Meeting

Fairbanks Native Association 2021 Annual Membership Meeting Candidates must submit a completed application to FNA Administration before 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 1st. Applications can be found on the FNA

Missing Persons Vigil

Everyone Welcome! Join us in prayer and a call to action alongside community leaders and the families of the missing persons More information contact:Jody Potts 907-960-2002

COVID-19 Vaccine Radio Show

Join Chief/Chairman PJ Simon, Health Services Director Jacoline Bergstrom, and Senior Medical Officer Dr.Alisa Alexander this Friday, January 15th at 11:00am on KRFF 89.1 Voice of Denali where they will


CHA Spotlight: Mariah Bifelt – Itinerant

By: Linden Staciokas Mariah Bifelt knew a number of health aides growing up, including her own aunt.  But she never considered being one until she moved back to her home

CHA Spotlight – Herbie Demit

Sometimes you go looking for a job, and sometimes the job finds you.  Herbert “Herbie” Demit never had any intention of becoming a health aide.  He’d been a carpenter, a

Betty jo Schmitz – CHA Spotlight

What do you do when you are in your 60s, your children have left home and your husband has retired?  Not many people would say, “I think I’ll become a

Tina Nollner – CHA Spotlight

The residents of Circle had no idea that the frightening illness of the recent newcomer would bring health to the entire community, but it did.  Tina Nollner recalls, “I moved

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