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Advocacy/Legislative Update 2.7.20

The Gov’s Peeps are United? The Legislature and the Governor are still at a crossroads and right now no one is backing down.  The Governor has acknowledged that there likely needs to be added revenue to shore up the current gap between state spending and current income, but absolutely refuses

Important Update for all Federal Wildland Firefighters

This information applies to ALL FEDERAL AD/EFF that are planning on working as wildland firefighters in 2019. There are changes in requirements for being hired by BLM Alaska Fire Service (AFS) for the 2019 FIRE SEASON that include ALL FIRECREW MEMBERS and individuals hired as a SINGLE RESOURCE. Every EFF/AD hired by AFS will be required to

Advocacy/Legislative Update 1.13.20

Time to Collect More Signatures An Alaskan Superior Court Judge has ruled that the Recall Dunleavy campaign can start the second signature gathering phase.  The effort has led to a court challenge after the Division of Elections decided that the group did not have a meritorious reason to try and

Advocacy/Legislative Update 12.20.19

ASRC leaves AFN and other corps to follow suit Well… I’m just gonna leave this here. House Impeaches Last night, on December 19, 2019, President Donald Trump became the third president to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. On the first article of impeachment, the House voted 230-197

2020 TCC Annual Convention

POSTPONED After encouragement from numerous tribal leaders, the TCC Executive Board of Directors made the decision  to postpone our 2020 Annual Convention and Full Board of Directors Meeting. This decision was made with the safety of our tribes, tribal members, and employees in mind. TCC is taking a proactive approach

CHA Spotlight – Sheena Tanner

Although Sheena Tanner resides in Missouri, she is very much rooted in Alaska. As an itinerant health aide for Tanana Chiefs Conference, Tanner works in any of the 42 villages in the TCC region where she is needed but often works in Circle. Tanner grew up in Arctic Village and

TCC Bazaar – Book a Table!

Book a table at the TCC Bazaar during the 2020 Annual Convention!At this time, we are currently only booking for arts and craft tables. Each vendor will have one table due to a limited amount of tables.Contact Estelle Burnham at 907-452-8251 ext. 3300 to reserve your table.

Willow House Renovation

With approval from the Executive Board, the Willow House patient hotel is undergoing a massive renovation to improve the quality of stay for those receiving care in Fairbanks. For the past year, TCC has been working with architects, engineers, interior designers, and contractors to design a massive renovation of the

Chiefs Report Dec 2019

Dear Tribes and Tribal Members, Last month we celebrated Veteran’s Day. We would like to express our appreciation to past, present, and future service men and women for your sacrifices and dedication to our country. In addition, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones. Last October,

Recient Events


TCC will be hosting our annual post Convention potlatch. This event will begin at approximately 6pm

TCC Annual Convention

Tanana Chiefs Conference’s 2020 Annual Delegate and Full Board of Director’s Meeting will take place from March 16th-19th at the Westmark Hotel & Conference Center in Fairbanks. Our theme this

Martin Luther King Day

TCC Administrative Offices will be closed for observance of Martin Luther King Day.


Resolution 2018-35: Lower Yukon Health Services

WHEREAS, Lower Yukon Subregion (GASH) villages Grayling, Anvik, Shageluk and Holy Cross, receive health care services from the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC); and WHEREAS, GASH villages have expressed numerous times to

Public Safety