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Recent Articles

COVID-19 Media

We are posting all our social media flyers here for easy downloading. We encourage these files to be shared to help spread the word about COVID-19. These files are offered in both image and pdf formats. Images can be found further below. Return to the Main COVID-19 Page To download

Grayling Community COVID-19 Plans

Grayling Community COVID-19 Action Plan a) All travel is suspended for the community of Grayling for 30 days. No inter-village travel. b) Travel is limited for cancer patients or with serious medical conditions only. Upon return to the village self-quarantine for a minimum of 30 days. This includes all household

Patient Travel Restrictions for Non-Urgent and Elective Services

The Patient Travel  program is limiting travel to only those services that cannot be postponed for 3 months (e.g., facility discharges, emergency ambulance transports, acute psychiatric events, urgent surgery). This decision follows the Alaska State Chief Medical Officer’s advisory requesting that providers postpone non-urgent and elective services. Patient Travel will

Pharmacy’s Refill Pro Guide

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center (CAIHC) Pharmacy has instituted a new emergency policy in which we will be offering to mail medications out to patients who live in the Fairbanks & North Pole area if they would like. This will be a voluntary process, and

2020 Annual Convention POSTPONED

After encouragement from numerous tribal leaders, the TCC Executive Board of Directors made the decision this morning to postpone our 2020 Annual Convention and Full Board of Directors Meeting. This decision was made with the safety of our tribes, tribal members, and employees in mind. TCC is taking a proactive

Advocacy/Legislative Update 3.6.20

Budget passes House – without a PFD After the last several years of days/weeks long budget hearings with literally hundreds of amendments along party lines, this year’s operating budget process was relatively tame (and fast).  That is mostly due to the Governor introducing a “status quo” budget and not showing

Census 2020

The 2020 Census has come to Interior Alaska! The Census is important because the funds your tribe and other service organizations like TCC receive are determined by the Census count. Join us in making sure that EVERYONE is counted during this year’s 2020 Census.    What You Need to Know

Recent Events

TCC Closed – Labor Day

TCC Administrative Offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day. Chief Andrew Issac Health Center will be operating at limited staffing.

Starting a Business – Rural Webinar

Are you thinking about starting your own business? This free workshop was built for you! We will cover basic issues faced when starting a small business such as business licensing,

TCC Closed – Independence Day

TCC Administrative Offices will be closed in observance of Independence Day. Chief Andrew Issac Health Center will be operating at limited staffing.

KRFF – Interior Leadership Radio Interview

Tune into KRFF 89.1 on Monday, May 25th at 11:00am to hear a special talk with Interior Leadership – Chief Victor Joseph, TCC; Aaron Schutt, Doyon President; and Steve Ginnis,


Tina Nollner – CHA Spotlight

The residents of Circle had no idea that the frightening illness of the recent newcomer would bring health to the entire community, but it did.  Tina Nollner recalls, “I moved

Agnes Silas – CHA Spotlight

Agnes Silas, Minto CHA Some people spend a lifetime trying to find their passion, what they want to contribute to the world.  Others, like Agnes Silas, one of three Minto

Robert Keeling – CHA Spotlight

During his 27 years as a paramedic/fireman in his home state of Colorado, Dale Keeling thought he knew a lot about providing care to the ill and injured. Then he

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