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Congress designated an $8B tribal set aside in Title VI of the Corona Relief Fund, to assist tribes in covering the expenditures incurred due to COVID-19.  To receive funding, the Department of Treasury requires tribes to submit information and create a portal no later than, Friday, April 17 at 7:59

Cancelled Emergency Firefighter Refreshers

2020 spring RT-130 fireline safety refresher training & pack test has been canceled. This is due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health and community safety concerns, all of the pack tests and refresher trainings in 2019 have been extended to be valid for the 2020 season. ONLY PACK TEST AND

Social Distancing Videos

We want a ~10-20 sec video or photo from you showing one of these options: We want to hear what you’re doing during social distancing A video of you giving advice on why social distancing is important. TCC will be making a compilation video encouraging everyone to social distance!

New State Mandate (012) – Interstate Travel

According to State of Alaska COVID-19 Health Mandate 012: Interstate Travel Effective 8:00 am March 28, 2020 All in-state travel between communities, whether resident, worker, or visitor, is prohibited unless travel is to support critical infrastructure, or for critical personal needs. To learn more about this and other COVID-19 topics,

Letter to ADFG Requesting Emergency Opening

Doug Vincent-Lang Commissioner Alaska Department of Fish and Game PO Box 115526 Juneau, Alaska 99811-5526 Dear Commissioner Vincent-Lang: Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) is requesting an appropriate allowance for an out-of-season hunt for villages in our region to provide food for residents who are isolated in their communities under the impacts

Positive COVID-19 Patient at Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center

A Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) patient has tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19, marking the first case for TCC. The patient was tested in Fairbanks at the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center on Friday, March 20th and the positive came back today, Wednesday, March 25th. The patient is

Alaska COVID-19 Health Mandates

For greater access, we are posting the current Health Mandates that the State of Alaska has released. Below are the PDF versions of these documents. For further reading or more information please visit the Alaska GOV Health Mandate page.

How to Decrease Anxiety During a Pandemic

Here are some helpful tips and trick to decrease anxiety as well as ways to achieve a healthy mental balance. Breathe Breathe in for 5, hold for 1, breathe out for 10 The slow exhale tricks the brain into relaxing the body Progressive Relaxation Tense a group of muscles as

Recent Events

TCC Closed – Labor Day

TCC Administrative Offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day. Chief Andrew Issac Health Center will be operating at limited staffing.

Starting a Business – Rural Webinar

Are you thinking about starting your own business? This free workshop was built for you! We will cover basic issues faced when starting a small business such as business licensing,

TCC Closed – Independence Day

TCC Administrative Offices will be closed in observance of Independence Day. Chief Andrew Issac Health Center will be operating at limited staffing.

KRFF – Interior Leadership Radio Interview

Tune into KRFF 89.1 on Monday, May 25th at 11:00am to hear a special talk with Interior Leadership – Chief Victor Joseph, TCC; Aaron Schutt, Doyon President; and Steve Ginnis,


Tina Nollner – CHA Spotlight

The residents of Circle had no idea that the frightening illness of the recent newcomer would bring health to the entire community, but it did.  Tina Nollner recalls, “I moved

Agnes Silas – CHA Spotlight

Agnes Silas, Minto CHA Some people spend a lifetime trying to find their passion, what they want to contribute to the world.  Others, like Agnes Silas, one of three Minto

Robert Keeling – CHA Spotlight

During his 27 years as a paramedic/fireman in his home state of Colorado, Dale Keeling thought he knew a lot about providing care to the ill and injured. Then he

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