Important Update for all Federal Wildland Firefighters

This information applies to ALL FEDERAL AD/EFF that are planning on working as wildland firefighters in 2019. There are changes in requirements for being hired by BLM Alaska Fire Service (AFS) for the 2019 FIRE SEASON that include ALL FIRECREW MEMBERS and individuals hired as a SINGLE RESOURCE. Every EFF/AD hired by AFS will be required to complete a medical examination, and all participants must be medically cleared prior to the Pack Test to be qualified to be employed by Alaska Fire Service for the 2019 fire season.  This only applies to Federal wildland firefighters; the medical examination requirement does not apply to firefighters employed by the State of Alaska.

The BLM/Alaska fire Service has organized this process by the “regions” that they use to organize their EFF crews.  The deadline for the Medical Exam Request Form for your region varies from village to village. We will be updating this information as we receive the updates from Alaska Fire Service. Please see links on this page for the Medical Exam Request Form for your region as well as all other forms that you will need to bring to the exam with you.

There is no cost to you for the physical examination, however if you choose to travel to a location other than your local village you will be responsible for any travel expenses incurred. You may apply for any location offered but you must submit your Medical Exam Request Form prior to the deadline for that village.

You must complete the Medical Exam Request Form (for your region) and FAX the form to Alaska Fire Service at (907)-356-5609 before the specified due date for your village. Please follow up by calling Alaska Fire Service at (833)-532-8810 to ensure the form has been received.

All other forms that apply to you need to be completed and brought to your exam with you. The only form that needs to be faxed to Alaska Fire Service is the Medical Exam Request Form.

Regional Medical Exam Request Forms


Medical Forms

AFS Medical Exam Schedule

The completed Medical Exam Request Form (for your region) must be faxed to Alaska Fire Service (907) 356-5609. Please call (833) 532-8810 after you send the fax to ensure your form has been received. Leave a voicemail, if necessary, as a confirmation that you have faxed your completed form.

Please make sure that the information you are providing is complete and accurate so that you can be contacted by CHS and AFS regarding the time of your exam, any changes to the schedule and the final determination.

The deadline for each request form is ONE WEEK prior to the exam date.