Throughout the year we are happy to host many events that pertain to a variety of important issues. We also partner and support other affiliated organization’s events who share our mission.


Village Strategies & Projects

We host many events, trainings, and conferences throughout the year that give our tribes and tribal members the tools needed to develop their communities to become sovereign and self-sustaining in an effort to achieve our visions of health, strong, unified tribes.


Affiliated Events

Strength often comes from unity, so while we provide many opportunities to our tribes through our various programs, it is important for us to partner with other organizations to offer a wider variety of trainings, conferences and conventions.


Tribal Members

We are always aiming towards the improving the health and wellness of our people and do so by offering many opportunities throughout the year for job training, education and other conferences.

Denakanaaga Youth

Youth Events

Through our Youth Program we provide several opportunities throughout the year for youth throughout the region to participate in events that will help them step out of their comfort zone, meet new people and develop the skills that will help them become future leaders.