Anticipated Opening of Upper Tanana Health Center

TCC plans to begin operations of the Upper Tanana Health Center in Tok. The 16,000-square-foot clinic will be expected to open its doors and offer primary care, urgent care, dental, behavioral health, lab, radiology, and pharmacy services to patients in the Upper Tanana Health region. There will be a small ceremony where Chief Chaaiy Albert, tribal delegate from Northway and Executive Board member representing the Upper Tanana Sub region, will be the first patient at the new facility on October 19th, 2020.   Tribal delegates and the UTHC cultural committee will also be present at the celebration. The public is not encouraged to attend in order to maintain safe social distancing.

While the interior of the building will be complete by the October 19th opening date, due to shipping delays associated with COVID-19, the exterior siding of the building may still be under construction. The clinic will be ready for services and due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, scheduling an appointment for any services will be needed to be seen at the clinic.

The clinic is expected to provide full pharmacy services, to include over-the-counter medications, staffed by a full time pharmacist at a future date to be determined. Until this time, medications will still be available to the extent they currently are.

“The Upper Tanana Tribal community has waited a long time for this project to come to fruition,” says Chief/Chairman Victor Joseph, “We look forward to providing the care their communities need and deserve.”

When it is safe, a larger grand opening will be scheduled for the region to celebrate the new UTHC, pending COVID-19 restrictions.