Week of June 24, 2019

    1. Trump Administration unable to offer support for #MMIW legislation
    2. Time running out on State Budget
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Trump Administration unable to offer support for #MMIW legislation
Top dogs (or sacrificial lambs) from the Department of the Interior and the Department of Justice came under fire for showing up unprepared for the long scheduled hearing on five bills relating to crisis of missing and murdered women in Indian Country and tribal jurisdiction. No position was given on any of the legislation. Tracy Toulou, who we recently hosted as part of the Attorney General entourage, was one of the invited speakers from Office of Tribal Justice and he used the opportunity to update the committee on the impact the visit has had on the trajectory of the DOJ. We hope to see policy change embraced as a product of the visit. Full story here.  

Time running out on State Budget
Governor says he’s “thinking about the budget”, not that he will sign it, that he will “make decisions.” With hundreds of millions of dollars between the budget Dunleavy proposed and the one the Legislature approved, there’s plenty of concern that the governor will use his line item veto power to dramatically cut the budget in places like the University of Alaska, public broadcasting and school bond debt payments to local communities.

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State News:
PFD Committee hears from the Big Cheese
Special Session in Wasilla?  What the heck…..?
Alaska apparently sucks at our children’s quality of life

National News:
Key lawmakers renew efforts to protect Native women from violence
Bureau of Land Management headquarters might be moving
House passes part of the budget

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