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Week of December 16, 2019

    1. No More Savings Account
    2. Dream Team:
    3. Language Act Passes
    4. House Natural Resources Committee Voted to Advance 3 Tribal Bills
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No More Savings Account
The governor’s proposed FY21 budget was released this week. The budget contained a traditional formula dividend and a supplemental dividend to repay the statutory formula from last year. Along with modest cuts, the only way to make that possible is to completely drain our only savings account. To be sure, if passed, this would be the last year that the Governor and the legislature could continue without changing something drastically in state spending, the PFD formula, or oil and gas tax credits. And although the Governor claimed to have cut the budget drastically last year to the pleasure of his base, he also proposed one of the largest supplemental budgets in recent years because almost none of the Medicaid cuts he proposed were upheld due to federal mandates. Story here.  A break down by Department here.  
The Legislature comments on the Gov’s budget here.  

Dream Team:

Nicole Borromeo, Natasha Singh, Melanie Bahnke, Val Davidson testify at Tribal Compacting hearing
A panel consisting of a Tribal non-profit CEO, General Counsel, former Lt. Governor, and Vice President of AFN took on the task of educating state lawmakers on tribal compacting. The three hour long hearing was well attended by lawmakers and citizens alike. Standing room only, the audience watched as the panel fielded questions mostly on the Governor’s proposal to pass legislation that would allow education compacting. Story here.  

Language Act Passes
The Esther Martinez Native American Languages Program Reauthorization Act, which revises programs administered by HHS to promote more effective Native language education and provides additional funding for such programs, cleared its final hurdle on Capitol Hill on Monday. The bill heads to the President's desk to become law. Story here.  

House Natural Resources Committee Voted to Advance 3 Tribal Bills
The Committee voted to advance three tribal bills. The bills were: S. 209, the PROGRESS Act, which would make changes to the ISDEAA (22-10); H.R. 3977, the Justice for Native Survivors of Sexual Assault Act, which would extend tribal court jurisdiction to cover crimes involving sexual assault (voice vote); and H.R. 4957, the Native American Child Protection Act, which would help combat child abuse.

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State News:
Cuts to Adult Public Assistance were from Gov’s vetos, not COLA adjustment
Ballot initiative on Education Bill of Rights suspends campaign

National News:
Bipartisan deal reached to fund government
IHS nominee promises positive change
Articles of Impeachment set to pass out of Judiciary

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