Week of April 22, 2019

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All of the Governor’s appointees for cabinet positions were confirmed in a joint House/Senate session on Wednesday. Several of his nominations for boards and commissions failed, but the top spots were without exception. That isn’t to say that there weren’t some close votes. The three that were the most contentious were: Amanda Price (Public Safety); Adam Crum (Health and Social Services); and Kevin Clarkson (Attorney General). The first two were under the gun for lack of pertinent work experience, while the top attorney’s strong ideological views were the source of much consternation. All the news here. And a good follow up on the way Alaska law allows the Gov to shape his team below in state news.

Attorney General Barr plans to come see us…
United States Attorney General William Barr is making plans to come North to see for himself the hardship crime imposes on rural Alaska. Barr called for creative and effective solutions to help a “vulnerable population” after the #MMIW movement has finally garnered some attention in DC. The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that takes a new approach by essentially establishing pockets of “Indian country” in Alaska, at least on a trial basis. The renewal of the Violence Against Women Act would empower tribal courts in up to five Alaska villages to take up cases of domestic abuse and other violent crimes, even where the suspect is non-Native. An amendment by Congressman Don Young strengthened the proposed pilot program by saying the jurisdiction should be over an entire village. The Senate has not voted on the VAWA renewal bill yet. Barr provided no detail about the timing or the itinerary of his upcoming trip BUT he may be inclined to check out our Annual Tribal Courts Conference….so stay tuned.

I Mustache You A Question…

Have you always wanted to be a part of something great? Wanted to make your mark on the world? Now is your chance! Do you have expertise in public broadcasting? Land surveying? Independent Living? WE NEED YOU TO APPLY! Contact me if you are interested or know of someone that might be interested in helping shape the future of our state. The list of vacancies for all State of Alaska Boards and Commissions is available here .

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State Reports:
Bradner’s Alaska Legislative Digest

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Federal Reports:
Indian Affairs Budget Request

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News Links:

State News:
·   The Governor has a cabinet
·   Spending cap for the Legislature?
·   Fairbanks Representative talks tough on budget
·   New Police Chief for the FPD


National News:
·   Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?
·   Another take on the Mueller Report by my fave : Mark Trahant
·   New head of the DOI already under scrutiny
·   If you haven’t read There There by Tommy Orange you should – also he is nominated for a Pulitzer NBD
·   Indian Country reacts to Notre Dame fire

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