Week of December 10, 2018

    1. Did Bart LeBon “Dodge” a bullet in the HD1 race?
    2. The Gov’s team grows
    3. Government to stay “open” until Solstice
    4. Do you guys CARROT all about the Farm Bill?
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Did Bart LeBon “Dodge” a bullet in the HD1 race?
Yeah.  I know.  That is a truly bad joke.  But I got it from Brian Ridley, who has been saying it all week, and just had to put it out the greater audience.  SO… I also realize that I have been leading with the whole House District 1 race for the last three weeks, but it is sort of a big deal.  This one single race (and one single vote, as it turns out) will be the determining factor in control of the entire House of Representatives.  So Dodge has elected to challenge the final certified vote – so this is the election that would never end.  Story here.

The Gov’s team grows
Story here , super convenient, bulleted list here:
·   Attorney General Kevin Clarkson (Brena, Bell & Clarkson, P.C)
o   Deputy Attorney General, Civil Division Treg Taylor ( sr. corp. counsel ASRC; frmr McKinley Capital)
·   Commissioner of Public Safety Amanda Price (frmr exec dir STAR, MDA, American Heart Assn; frmr Walker official)
o   DPS Deputy Comm’r Michael Duxbury (Capt. Alaska Bureau of Investigation
o   Alaska Wildlife Troopers division director Col. Doug Massie (captain of AK Bureau of Investigation and statewide drug enforcement unit)
o   Alaska  State Troopers acting division director Maj. Andy Greenstreet
·   Commissioner of Corrections Nancy Dahlstrom (frmr Rep.)
o   Deputy DOC Commissioner Leitoni Tupou 
o   Deputy DOC Commissioner Dan Carothers
·   Policy Advisor Ben Stevens (frmr Senate President); issues: transportation, legislation and fishing
·   Acting Commissioner Dept. Fish & Game Doug Vincent-Lang (frmr F&G official under Parnell); a Joint Meeting of the Board of Fish and Board of Game will take place and those bodies will recommend a name for commissioner.
·   Deputy Commissioner DCCED John Faulkner 
·   Deputy Communication Director Jeff Turner 


Government to stay “open” until Solstice
I know you guys have all had your eye on DC while we wait to see if the President’s Mexico wall gets funded or not… right?  Well that is just one of the hang ups of the final budget that still has yet to be signed.  Instead we have a two week continuing resolution to see if the House and Senate can come to some sort of agreement on border spending.  The funeral of former President George H.W. Bush put further pressure on the already short deadline, with all government operation essentially shutting down for his memorial service.  Stay tuned to see what happens on the southern border.  Story here.  


Do you guys CARROT all about the Farm Bill?
The Farm Bill may actually pass this legislative session.  I know, I know.  Congress isn’t, as it turns out, an udder failure.  Bahahaha.  I’ll be sorry when this does actually pass because the farm puns and the best puns.  After months of negotiations, the expired farm bill may finally be advancing.  The bipartisan deal reached at the end of November does not include stricter work requirements for millions of food-stamp recipients, which was a major point of contention between the two chambers.  As the clock winds down, lawmakers and their staffs are racing to draft legislative text and finalize cost estimates for the bill. If they can't get the measure to the president's desk before the end of the session, a new Congress will have to start from scratch. Who were the winners and losers?  Here for the story.

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State Reports

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State News
·     The Wrong Ben Stevens gets picked to head to the Governor’s office – truth be told, we wouldn’t want to lose our Ben Stevens.
·     The new Attorney General is notorious….in all of the wrong ways.
·     Native women ask the Governor for help
·     Tribes see help against Canadian mines
·     A consolidation of the state’s finances – huge shift from the new Gov
·     What will the fate of rural schools be under Dunleavy?

National News
·     Murkowski shakes some money outta Congress for the Anchorage earthquake damage
·     More turn over within the Trump Administration and another story here.  
·     The nation honors former President George H.W. Bush

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