Week of: August 13, 2018

  1. State Issues
    1. Stand for Salmon gets filleted by the Supremes but there is still plenty of meat on the bones
    2. Republican Candidates for Governor are all totally misinformed on Medicaid expansion
    3. Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Today!
  2. Federal Issues
    1. #NativeVote18 #SheRepresents
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State Issues

Stand for Salmon gets filleted by the Supremes but there is still plenty of meat on the bones
The Stand for Salmon ballot initiative will be on the November ballot but will be missing some provisions that the Alaska Supreme Court has decided are too restrictive on Alaska’s resources.  The State of Alaska and the drafters of the initiative have been battling it out in court for months after Lt. Governor Byron Mallott refused to certify the initiative.  Now the Lt. Governor must remove the sections that have been ruled unconstitutional and place the remainder on the ballot.  While this is a disappointing decision, much of the initiative remains that will ensure healthy salmon populations for future generations.  Check out the story here.  
Oh and speaking of money… oh wait were we talking about money?  Well, anyway, the Stand For Alaska campaign is rolling in it.  Money, that is.  Check out this story with some interesting tidbits on who is filling up their bank account.

Republican Candidates for Governor are all totally misinformed on Medicaid expansion
Alaska jumped on the Medicaid expansion bandwagon back in 2015 when Governor Walker signed an executive order.  The Federal Government shoulders roughly 90% of the bill that expanded healthcare to over 40,000 Alaskans, and the other 10% is almost (but not completely) offset by the amount of savings the state realizes by being able to charge certain services to Medicaid that were previously paid for out of the state coffers.  Despite this, ALL of the candidates at the recent Republican Primary debate wanted to reverse Medicaid expansion.  They also had some other interesting takes on the issues facing Alaska.  Story here .

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Today!
So freaking excited.  Voting season is here and I am just so happy.  As of today, you can march on down to the Division of Elections and cast your ballot for the statewide primary election.  More questions?  Check out all this great info!

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Federal Issues

#NativeVote18 #SheRepresents
Last week I included former President Obama’s endorsement of Dab Haaland’s (New Mexico) bid to be the first ever Native woman in congress – well stop the presses.  Sharice Davids, a citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation has won the Democratic primary in the third Congressional District in Kansas.  As of right now, there will be two Native women on the ballot for US Congress – with the possibility of a third out of Oklahoma – Amanda Douglas, a Cherokee citizen, is in a run off election for the first Congressional district on August 28th.  Totally out of my mind excited about this.  Me:

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Federal Reports

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State Reports
Bradner’s Legislative Report: Special edition on Republican Governor Primary   

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Upcoming Advocacy dates:

·   Primary Election Day – Alaska – August 21, 2018
·   Secretary’s Tribal Advisory Council – Fairbanks – September, 2018
·   Local/Municipal Election Day – Fairbanks, North Pole, Alaska – Oct. 2, 2018
·   Alaska Federation of Natives – Anchorage – Oct. 18-20, 2018
·   NCAI Convention – Denver, CO – Oct. 21-26, 2018
·   ELECTION DAY – America – November 6, 2018

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State News
·     Should we look at a carbon tax?  Not all Alaska in on board.
·     Working together to clean stuff up – I like it.
·     Hey, that name sounds familiar…  Way to go Anchorage!

National News
·     Ninth Circuit Court nominee not a friend of Indian Country
·     Senate passes $154Billion “mini-bus” that includes funding for Alaska specific programming

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