Advocacy/Legislative Update 9.18.20

Murkowski writes NCAI a letter…tells them to shape up

As you guys know there is a battle being waged over who gets COVID money that was set aside for “tribal governments”.  Needless to say, lower 48 Tribes (and NCAI) were upset with Alaska Native Corporations tried to get in on the money.  So upset that they took them to court.  Now Senator Murkowski has written a letter telling them that they are sowing the seeds of division amongst Tribes and Alaskan Tribal members.  She also claims (as do the ANCSA’s) that this shouldn’t be an issue and there is nothing to see here.  Her letter is a tiny bit funny to me because she states “she fought hard to ensure that all Native people would be served” by the fund but totally forgot to include Tribal Health Organizations and non-profits…oopsy.  Full letter here.

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