Advocacy/Legislative Update 8.7.20

Early Voting IS OPEN!!!

Not only is early voting open, but a record number of Alaskans have signed up to vote by mail in this year’s statewide primary election on August 18th.  In Alaska, you can sign up to receive a mail-in ballot for any reason AND you can do it online here.  By mail or in person, TCC is encouraging voters to cast ballots ahead of the regular election day to avoid crowds, lines, and #theCOVID.  Tons of information is on the State of Alaska Division of Elections page.  I like to hang out on there and click around.  So much good stuff. 

Redistricting Board gets another Alaska Native member! So I was pretty excited to report to you guys last week about AFN VP Nicole Borromeo getting selected – but I am seriously over the moon to hear the latest news.  The CEO of regional Native non-profit Kawerak, Inc, Melanie Bahnke, was the final selection to the board that will redraw Alaska’s election boundaries following the 2020 Census.  Kawerak is part of our state lobbying effort, Alaska Regional Coalition, that fights for our beneficiaries statewide in Juneau.  And Melanie is just a rock star plain and simple.  She is known for standing up to the Governor and for fiercely advocating for her people.

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