Advocacy/Legislative Update 7.24.20

Deficit of $1.3 Billion

I know, I know.  I have written about it before a million (a billion) times but it is getting real, yo.  Our principal savings account will be exhausted this fiscal year.  And we may be getting an #overdrawn slip from our bank account once the legislature reconvenes and takes up the supplemental budget.  Remember that any time a budget is passed, it still has to be reconciled with actual spending and for the last couple of years even though Governor Dunleavy vetoes stuff, the rubber hits the road when we see if the state actually stays within the confines of the cuts.  It is likely that we will blow the bank this year.  So.  What’s the plan?  VERY STEEP BUDGET CUTS.  Or….new taxes.  Or additional spending from the permanent fund.  Pick one.  Story here.  

Pebble is here

For over the last two decades there has been continued opposition to putting a mine in the middle of the most important salmon fishery in the world.  Today the Trump Administration has given it the go ahead.  The final environmental impact study found no harm to the long term health of the fishery.  The study directly conflicts with every study performed under the prior Administration.  Story here.  A different take here.

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