Advocacy/Legislative Update 2.14.20

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again?

The Alaska Supreme Court has ruled today that the Recall Dunleavy effort can begin collecting the second round of signatures, overruling the Superior Court judge’s stay.  They have also issued the schedule for oral arguments which looks to be held on March 25th.  The Stand Tall With Mike campaign sought a slower schedule that would have allowed a greater chance that if the total number of signatures is reached, the question of retention would have appeared on the November ballot with the rest of the general election.  The Recall effort is planning on collecting the needed 70,000 plus signatures in record time.   Story here.

Petitioners marching with banner delcaring 'Recall Dunleavy'

Natives are real mad at Tara

At NCAI this week, Alaska girl and BIA Assistant Secretary Tara Sweeney came under fire for essentially abdicating her duty to advocate for tribal rights.  Several tribal leaders demanded to know the outcome of land into trust regulations that have stalled under the Trump administration.  The current solicitor of the BIA is actively trying to replace or rescind two legal opinions that have been ignored by the current leadership, no rules or regulations have been issued.  The issue isn’t new.  Tara was asked about it immediately upon her arrival and has been holding Tribes at arms length since then.  Story here.

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