Quick Facts

  • Pronounced (tuh-KOTT-nuh)
  • Current Population 53 (2012 Alaska Department of Labor Estimate)
  • Legislative Districts (link to State Legislature page):
    • Senate District S
    • House District 38
    • Judicial District 4
  • Latitude: 62.9886
  • Longitude: 62.9886


Takotna is located in Interior Alaska on the north bank of the Takotna River in a broad scenic river valley, 17 air miles west of McGrath in the Kilbuck-Kuskokwim Mountains.


Takotna has a cold, continental climate. Summer temperatures average 42 to 80 °F, and winter temperatures range from -42 to 0 °F. The Takotna River is generally ice-free from June through October.


Takotna has been known as Berry Landing, Portage City, Takotna City, Takotna Station, and Tocotna. In 1908, merchants in Bethel hired Arthur Berry to bring supplies up the Takotna River. The village was founded at the farthest point on the river Berry’s small sternwheeler was able to reach. By 1912, the community had several stores that supplied miners. Gold discoveries in the upper Innoko Region enabled the town to prosper.

By 1919, there were several commercial companies, roadhouses, a post office, and about 50 houses. In 1921 the Alaska Road Commission improved the Takotna-Ophir road, and an airfield was constructed. In 1923 a radio station began broadcasting in Takotna, and the town had its own newspaper, The Kusko Times.

Low waters at times precluded the arrival of steamboats, so the Takotna-Sterling Landing road was constructed to the Kuskokwim River in 1930. During the 1930s, however, McGrath became the more dominant supply center, and the ACC store closed. In 1949, construction was begun on nearby Tatalina Air Force Station. It was the site of a White Alice communications system, but operations were phased out during the 1980s.


Takotna is a mixed population of non-Natives, Athabascans, and Eskimos. Subsistence is a prevalent activity.

Community profile data provided by the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.