Lake Minchumina

Quick Facts

  • Pronounced (min-SHOO-mih-nuh)
  • Current Population 12 (2012 Alaska Department of Labor Estimate)
  • Legislative Districts (link to State Legislature page):
    • Senate District S
    • House District 38
    • Judicial District 4
  • Latitude: 63.8828
  • Longitude: -152.3122


Lake Minchumina is located north of Mount McKinley in Interior Alaska.


Interior Alaska experiences seasonal temperature extremes. January temperatures range from 40 to -70 °F; July temperatures range from 35 to 90 °F. Average annual precipitation is 11 inches.


Historically a Native area, this is the location of an airfield, a small village, and a lodge. A post office was established in 1930. The school was closed in the 1999-2000 year due to insufficient students. Many residents run dog sled teams. Few Natives live at Lake Minchumina year-round.


subsistence lifestyle is practiced.

Community profile data provided by the State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.