Quick Facts

  • Current Population 74 (2012 Alaska Department of Labor Estimate)
  • Legislative Districts (link to State Legislature page):
    • Senate District T
    • House District 39
    • Judicial District 4
  • Latitude: 64.7806
  • Longitude: -141.1136


Eagle Village is on the left bank of the Yukon River, 3 miles east of the City of Eagle, on the Taylor Highway. The village is southeast of the Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve.


Interior Alaska experiences seasonal temperature extremes. January temperatures range from -22 to -2 °F; July temperatures range from 50 to 72 °F. Average annual precipitation is 11.3 inches. Ice fog is common during the winter.


Eagle is a Han Kutchin Indian village. The early village was called “Johnny’s” by non-Natives, because its chief was known as John. A mining camp was established at the nearby City of Eagle.


Eagle Village is a traditional Athabascan community. Subsistence is an important part of the local culture.